How to Put on Weight
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First things first Ė Are you actually under weight?

The topic of obesity is ever present in todayís popular culture and media, often leaving those who are too thin in danger of not realising how serious an issue being underweight can be. If youíre looking for how to put on weight, you may have already decided that you are underweight and that it is now time to do something about it. Before you begin researching how to put on weight, itís vital to find out whether you are actually underweight. Remember that there are many people who are naturally lighter by having smaller frames or perhaps by being shorter.

A quick effective way of finding out whether your weight is below what it should be is to utilise the medical body mass index. By taking your height and weight, a body mass index (BMI) calculator can help determine a healthy weight for your body. Although the BMI does not take muscle mass into account, itís still a great way of determining whether you are underweight, overweight, or just right. Medical research has shown that if you maintain a healthy weight within a certain BMI range, youíre almost guaranteed to live longer and enjoy long term health. A high level of obesity or severe lack of weight can have drastic negative effects on the body.

The NHS offer a great free tool to help determine your body mass index:

Body Mass Index

Common reasons for wanting to put on weight can be the result of chronic disease or certain eating disorders such as bulimia. Professional athletes may also want to gain weight in order to increase muscle mass and performance. The elderly can find themselves quickly dropping in weight due to a decrease in portion size and general food consumption as they can no longer prepare large meals.

Once determining whether you are underweight, it is important to first seek professional medical advice, as it may be caused by something that you canít correct on your own. The following information is provided as a guideline of how to put on weight in a safe way without endangering you in any way.

How to Put on Weight
How to Put on Weight

Methods of how to put on weight safely

A general rule of thumb when deciding how to put on weight is to increase your overall calorie consumption. The more activity you take part in, the more calories your body will be burning in order to maintain comfortable energy levels. If you are unable to replace these used calories through the intake of healthy food and drink, youíll very quickly notice your weight decreasing. This does not mean that eating excessive amounts of junk food is acceptable Ė trans fats, saturated fats and sugar is harmful to the body in excessive amounts.

Try to remember that your weight gained should come from food thatís good for you. Instead, try increasing your intake of healthy fats incorporating more omega 3 rich fatty acids from natural sources such as fish and nuts. Youíll also find yourself increasing in weight by bumping up your level of protein intake. Natural protein rich sources include chicken, other lean meats, fish, seeds and pulses. Of course, thereís always room for extra fruit and vegetables.

Itís vital that your weight is increased gradually, as gaining too much weight too quickly is unhealthy for your body long term. Seek to increase your weight steadily - something in the region of 1kg Ė 1.5kg over the period of one month is seen as sensible by many medical professionals. This roughly calculates to around 300 Ė 400 calories per day as part of a balanced diet.

Donít be tempted to squeeze in a glazed donut at lunch as the trans fats simply arenít good for you. Instead, try increasing your overall portion size throughout the day eating an extra spoonful or two of bran in the morning, whilst adding another carbohydrate to your evening meal. It may be the case that you change your entire meal dynamic to help increase your daily intake, from 3 set meals in the morning afternoon and evening, to 6 smaller balanced meals spread throughout the day.

How to Put on Weight

How to put on weight through exercise

Any form of exercise, in particular resistance training, is important to incorporate when deciding how to put on weight. Once you have your diet plan organised, itís essential that you include regular exercise to increase the chance of effective results. There are two main types of exercise that you can do Ė resistance or aerobic. Aerobic is best utilised by those looking to lose weight as it helps with fat loss, increasing heart rate for sweat production. Resistance training, either through the form of lifting weights or using resistance machines will help build muscle. Building muscle will increase your muscle size, eventually helping to increase your overall weight. This type of training can be done at any decent local gym, or even taken up at home through the availability of home weights kits.

A combination of regular resistance training combined with a healthy increase in diet will eventually begin to produce results. Gaining weight this way does take time, but the results will prove to be more permanent without causing long term harm to your body. To help with recovery time during a training regime, look to incorporate supplements into your diet. When looking at specialist supplements designed to help you put on weight, be sure to first look for a high quality multi vitamin. Mineral supplements will also help the body gain all the nutrients and minerals it needs during your process of putting on weight - you do not want to endanger your overall health.

There are a variety of weight loss supplements available in the marketplace, but itís important to be wary of what you purchase and what the ingredients consist of. It is recommended to search for organic supplements made from naturally sourced ingredients Ė reading reviews from previous buyers of the product can prove to be extremely useful. Try to incorporate protein shakes and muesli bars in between meals for added sustenance. You can even try adding fruit or a variety of juices to your protein shake to improve the flavour and calorie value. Natural progressive weight gain has more chance of being accepted by the body and maintained.
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